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mannynub ([personal profile] mannynub) wrote2010-09-16 09:02 pm

16th September 2010

It appears that I've taken over as the band leader for my college band. No idea how this happened, as it wasn't a conscious decision, but I suddenly started taking the bull by the horns today and directing each individual musician, and the result was stunningly successful. I s'pose it helps that I'm older than the rest of them, and have been in many bands before, so I know how to handle musicians. I suppose it also helps being almost 2 metres tall and weighing about 140 kilos.

Either way, today we started to play a completely new song, and within an hour we'd mastered it, despite 3 band members never having heard it before. That song was the classic Ben E King hit Stand By Me, a song I have known and loved for most of my living memory. Am now working on getting them all to learn I Just Wanna Make Love To You, by Etta James (aka The Song From The Diet Coke Break advert). It's such an awesomely sexy song, and suits the theme of the gig we're doing very well.
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This is cool. Will there be recordings for us to hear?