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05th October 2010 (part 2)

Meme, stolen from both Delbunny and Frankibunny

One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
1)  Why can't you just let me live my life and be myself?
2)  You're a beautiful human being but you need to stop worrying so much about how others see you.
3)  When are you going to grow up and reallise the world doesn't revolve around you and your kids?
4)  Why do you only talk to me when you are single, when it's clear you have no interest in me as anything other than a friend?
5)  You're a very attractive girl, but you're almost half my age, so I'm really sorry but we'll have to remain as friends.
7)  I'm straight, yet I'd go gay for you.  Please notice me.
8)  I want you glaze you in honey, cover you with sprinkles and lick them all off.  Oh, and can I have my DVDs back?
9)  I think you're a cunt for treating her like that.  Come near me again and there will be a reckoning.
10)  What's your name, and why do you keep smiling at me in that way?

Two: Nine things about yourself.
1)  I am a largely self-taught musician, proficient on both the 6-string and bass guitars.
2)  I tell everyone I'm 6ft5 (196cm) tall when I'm actually just a little shorter (6ft4 and a half, or 195cm)
3)  I'm a self-confessed masochist
4)  I love body piercings, but think people who go over the top with them just look stupid
5)  I love my friends dearly and am very "Angel of Vengeance" towards anyone who hurts them in any way.
6)  I'm very easy going and laid back most of the time, but when it comes to music I'm a bit of an overly-opinionated snob
7)  I enjoy cooking, and especially enjoy learning new recipes
8)  I'm still a child at heart, and enjoy playing with Lego when I get the opportunity
9)  I hate feeling like I'm a burden to anyone

Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
1)  Accept me for who I am
2)  Don't ever try to get me to change my ways
3)  Be yourself around me, regardless of how odd you think you may come across
4)  Always speak your mind, regardless of if you think it may offend or upset me
5)  Go out of your way to make me smile
6)  Compliment my cooking abilities
7)  Always keep an open mind when it comes to enjoyment of music and movies
8)  Dislike the X-Factor

Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
1)  I'm 30, a student, living with my parents and single... I should sort my life out
2)  Pretty certain my family would be much better off if I dissapeared and lost touch with them
3)  Who thought it'd be a good idea to stick pipes into a cows stomach and then blow in them, and then call the infernal racket that ensues "music"?
4)  I wonder what's for dinner tonight
5)  Gah, what the bloody hell is that chord?  Nothing I play sounds right!
6)  Why do so many people seem to like me so much? 
7)  Task for the day: Find a sexy midget!

Five: Six things you wish you’d never done
1)  Said "No" to Ruth when she offered to get back with me
2)  Taken so many heavy blows to the head as a child.
3)  Lost touch with so many great people over the years
4)  Waited so long to work towards what I'm doing right now
5)  Stopped the Thaiboxing lessons
6)  Let a certain relationship go on for so long

Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever).
1)  Adelle
2)  Frank Turner
3)  Sascha
4)  Leanne
5)  Terry Pratchett

Seven: Four turn offs.
1)  Clingyness
2)  Terrible hygiene
3)  Dodgy accents
4)  No appreciation for talent

Eight: Three turn ons.
1)  Being adventurous
2)  Scratching and biting (at the right time, of course)
3)  Being "vocal"

Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.
1)  >.O
2)  x.x

Ten: One confession
1)  I'm not as mentally stable as I like people to think, I'm just very good at acting like I am.

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